Boats may have changed over time underlying aerodynamics have not.

Conventional soft sails generate lift coefficients on the order of 0.9 to 1.2.
However the rigid, double element, single slotted configuration found in this design is capable of generating a maximum lift coefficient (CL max) on the order of 3.2.

An operating CL of approximately 2.4 and lift to drag ratio (CL/CD) of 10 are typical of this type of configuration.

By virtue of the slot geometry, the multi-element design is capable of this type of aerodynamic performance because flow separation about the wing is delayed or eliminated by the close coupled integration between the two wing elements. This slotted arrangement mimics multi-element, high lift profile designs that have been used in aircraft for decades.

The overall wing camber is adjustable and reversible and twist can be implemented to allow for the wind gradient due to the atmospheric boundary layer thereby ensuring optimal angle of attack along the wing span.

The angle of attack is trimmable to account for all wind directions.
Ultimately the aerodynamics are better conditioned because of better control over the wing shape and through a more deterministic use of aeroelastics.

For KOMOREBI only 3 press buttons to adjust wings, Or autosail adjustment