Naval Architecture & Design : VPLP Design

Drawing on extensive experience in the field of rigid sail development, VPLP Design is proud to present a two-element wingsail which is furlable, reefable and entirely automated. Oceanwings® is a veritable disruptive innovation to ensure a simpler and more responsible approach to the sea and the elements.

“We’re offering a wind propulsion system that is reliable, simple and automated,” says Marc Van Peteghem. “We have developed a reefable and furlable rigging concept which exploits the aerodynamic qualities of multi-elements profiles.”

Entirely automated, self-supporting and rotating 360°, Oceanwings® adapts it sangle of incidence to the vessel’s point of sail to ensure optimal propulsion. Power is managed by trimming camber and twist. “Not only does it provide exceptional control, it’s also efficient to the point of halving the surface area required to propel a vessel under conventional sail.” VPLP Design is developing several concepts which use this patented technology, suchas the Komorebi range, Komorebi 200’ and EMC cargo ships.

306° rotating unstayedmast ensures optimum trimming regardless of wind direction

Camber is ajustable and reversible

Twist can be implemented to follow wind gradien and thus insure optimal angle of attack along span

Ultimately aerodynamics are better know becaus of the absence of aeroelastic coupling leading to easier boat performance prediction