KOMOREBI 138’ / 42 m

Like most great success stories, this KOMOREBI 130’ has been inspired by the perfect union of minds: between a passionate motor Yacht Owner, Marc Pajot a legendary skipper with 15 years Brokerage experience and the very successful Design Group VPLP with their multi record breaker performance sailing yachts. In addition, Adriana Monk (of Monk Design) contributed to the exterior styling and added an elegant interior to this uniquely compelling yacht.
The result was: “We want a real cruising boat as comfortable as a Motor Yacht that is low in fuel consumption, has great autonomy, is fast enough under sail or engine and capable of long cruising, as well as, advanced and green technology solutions for future generations”.

• 40 meters long
• 12 meters wide
• 2,5 meters draft
• 250 tons
• 12 knots cruising under sail or engine


This concept has been successfully developed by both military and naval experts. It has been trialed in the past by Commandant Cousteau Explorer Yacht 31m “ALCYON”, Nelson Piquet 60m yacht “PILAR ROSSI” and a couple of fast motor yachts as well as military boats like “OCEAN EAGLE”. Now we have succeeded in presenting a very well balance yachting project:
• No keel weight. Aluminum or composite, light weight hull,
• Comfortable in heavy seas (a light boat with a narrow central hull),
• Increased stability in any condition. No heel, no mechanical stabilization,
• Maximum comfort for crew and passengers.

We need to reduce our carbon footprint to green technologies.
Progressive designs have enabled low consumption, efficiency and easy handling for the crew, thanks to:
• Electrical diesel powered engines
• Hydro generators
• Solar energy resources for harbor or anchor needs
• Large lithium packs batteries, self-efficient at night (no generator / no noise)

The technology is there, inspired from several successful boat designs with a self-supported mast. Inspired by “MALTESE FALCON” and America’s Cup wing mast, this new Schooner Rig with retractable soft wing sails that will provide an outstanding performance (twice that of a standard sail):
• Easy to sail,
• Easy to handle
• Complete electronic automation (3 press button functions: hoist or sail drop, mast angle and wing angle)
• Quality performance

From many years of Captain experience, this vessel has been designed and engineered to provide the ultimate combination of ease and enjoyment for owner and guests. Adriana Monk added refinement and harmony to the overall exterior styling, the interior design provides sanctuary: a sophisticated atmosphere and a magnetic sense of wellbeing.
• First class owner cabin forward
• Guest cabins with full lateral view
• Optimum separate galley and crew area
• Jacuzzi on fly, large and easy beach club platform
• No expenses spared with multifunctional side garage for tenders and toys

In conclusion, we combine two different worlds of navigation and the result is the perfect match:
A comfortable and stable yacht using the latest technology resulting in maximum enjoyment for owner, guests and crew.
With this holistic approach we have achieved an inspirational New Approach To Yachting.