KOMOREBI 138’ / 42 m
A New Approach to Yachting


This one-of-a-kind yacht that you are about to discover is the perfect synergy between long range ocean cruising & easy day sailing.
As a former Olympic medalist & America’s Cup multi-challenger skipper, with 20 years of professional yacht broker experience, I have come to the conclusion that many yacht owners choose motor yachts over sailing vessels although they still have attraction for sailing.
The common obstacles are:
  -     Complex sailing expertise needed
  -     Discomfort from healing at sea
  -     Low maneuverability and speed

Together with one of the best international French naval architects, Group VPLP and engineers we proposed a yacht able to meet those major obstacles and address the future generation of 42m long, world owner market.
The unique and advanced KOMOREBI  - will provide the best yachting experience thanks to :

  • Stabilized monohull, no heel, no roll
  • Easy to sail, entirely automated
  • Hybrid solution, energy efficient, and low consumption
  • Noise-free and low emission

This low impact Yacht capable to cruise the globe. Sails are inspired by America’s Cup boat. With a VPLP patented mast sail, “Ocean Wings” for a 50% increase in speed compare to a normal sail.
I hope you’ll be equally thrilled as we draw the future lines of yachting.